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Why Choose Staymaster

Returns that unleash the true potential of your home

Get consistent, timely and maximized payouts without raising a finger!

We are invested in your home's success as much as you are

we will find the right audience that would respect and look after your home as much as you do

Fine homes are built with love and care

from housekeeping, handymen and upkeep your home would always be in pristine condition you left it

Complete control and peace of mind

Your home is always yours. Simply block the calendars for the dates you want to stay

Staymaster is Airbnb’s Official Supply Partner in India

Staymaster has been appointed by Airbnb India as the partner of choice to help homeowners list and monetise their spaces on Airbnb. If you need help with listing your home on Airbnb or would want to know more, Contact us >

Passive Income that's Really Passive

We value your time - Staymaster manages the end-to-end journey, from onboarding to payouts - so you have to do less to earn more!

With Staymaster, you have complete peace of mind.

  • Unsure of where to get started?
  • Taking high def pictures, creating content and listing on multiple platforms
  • Not sure on how to price your home
  • Juggling to manage inventory and calendars linked to multiple booking sites
  • Attending to midnight guest calls and/or reservation inquiries
  • Not being able to understand why your property is not making enough money
  • Troubleshooting guest issues (from wifi problems to meal plans)
  • Getting the garden landscaped, home and pool deep cleaned

What's more, we make money only when you do! Our rev-share model ensures our management fee is a share of the revenues we generate for you. Your only other costs would be that of operations (utilities, upkeep, staff, etc)

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